Featured Appearances


Khristi Adams: An Advocate for Black Girls

Eps 126: Helping a Generation into Becoming, guest Khristi Lauren Adams

Faithfully Podcast 1: How Christians Can Engage Black Lives Matter

God & Country to Begin Performances at St. William Chapel in April

Protestant Chaplaincy Launches Discussion Series

All the World’s a Stage

Empowered Women Preach: Khristi’s Preaching Story

18 People of Color to follow in 2018

Reconciliation Books to Read

Women of the Word – Khristi Adams

Brooklyn-based play exposes real effects of youth violence in our communities




“Every leading indicator — unemployment, income, wealth, educational attainment, homeownership and foreclosures — demonstrates that the African-American financial foundation is crumbling at rates that are comparatively worse than other segments of the U.S. population. Reported by anchor and special correspondent Soledad O’Brien, and told through experiences of members of the First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens (FBCLG) in New Jersey, the first 90-minutes of this special explores how an institution central to African-American communities for generations is helping its 7,000 parishioners survive the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.”


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