The Book: The Misinterpreted Gospel of Singleness


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There have been many books written on “how to be single.” This isn’t one of them. “The Misinterpreted Gospel of Singleness” is a book written by Khristi Adams. She offers up a cultural critique of myths surrounding singleness in the Christian community. Khristi describes the misinterpreted gospel of singleness as; “a negative message- oftentimes unintentional- communicated to individuals over a period of time that causes them to adopt unhealthy views of self and relationships.” Each chapter analyzes a different myth, includes authentic, emotional & personal stories and offers up positive alternatives. The book is not anti-marriage, but instead a celebration of singleness in the same way that our culture celebrates the beauty of marriage.

“Khristi Adams has the rare gift of being both thoughtfully profound and practically relevant. She has grappled through her own life experiences on singleness and through discernment has passed on hope and truth. This is a thoughtful read not just for singles but for the entire church as we are all challenged and encouraged to live out what it means to be the true family of God.” 

Woody Morwood, Azusa Pacific University, Lead Campus Pastor

“The re-envisioned theology of singleness described here is long overdue. The reality is that many of us will be single for a significant part of our lives, and so a more inclusive model that integrates singles more fully into the life of the church benefits us all.”
Gail Wallace, Co-Founder of the Junia Project

“I would highly recommend this book to therapists to not only help those whom they counsel, but in uncovering one’s own assumptions and perceptions about singleness. There were so many pearls in this book that caused me to question my theology of singleness. The Misinterpreted Gospel of Singleness will bring clarity and guidance to those Christian professionals who are called to lead people to wholeness.”
Venita Welcome, LPC President/Clinical Director of Christian Wellness Center of NJ


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