What I’m Into Part 1: Kickboxing/Boxing

In the 5th grade I discovered basketball. Well, no…actually, the basketball coaches from Jr. High and High School intentionally came down to our middle school to see who had any potential, and they intentionally picked out those that display any talent. So from there, I was one of the chosen few and therefore became an athlete. In East Brunswick, a township full of star athlete’s I was a C athlete at best. My mile run time was not as fast as the others. My weight was always more than the others. My ability to learn plays was not as quick as the others. I was always shorter than the others- which made me have to work twice as hard. To the average person, I was a pretty capable athlete, but it’s really hard to be a star among stars. Nevertheless, it was during that time in my life that the importance and discipline of exercise was instilled in me- whether I liked it or not. I went on to become a better athlete as the years went on but I never really loved working out. I just did it cause I knew it was important to have as part of one’s lifestyle- and it was really all I knew. In college I worked out a little here and there. After college, again, a little here and there. I never really understood the concept of working out “on your own.” I absolutely suck at walking into a gym and doing some form of cardio and then getting on the weight machines. I get bored easy. I’ll go in at 10am and then be walking out the door at 10:20am. I am not self motivated at the gym at all. I find it SO BORING!

Later into my 20’s I discovered Spin Class. It was both invigorating and exciting. I loved the music, the lights and the speed. I became obsessed with spin. And I lost mad weight doing spin too! Originally upon going, I was intimidated by all the fit looking people and how the people in the class never seemed to need to just…take a break geeeeeez. But I’ve always been a big believer in knowing that conditioning takes time. You just have to get over that first hump and then you’ll notice that you’re getting more and more adjusted. So I just kept going and trying and eventually, I was one of those people that didn’t really need to take a break. Unfortunately after a big cross country move and a new demanding job, it was hard for me to make that same commitment. Then I found myself getting bored again. If the teacher wasn’t good and the music isn’t good then the class is going to suck and I found myself going less and less. Or rather, going and then jumping off the bike in the middle of the class thinking to myself, “boo!” I still would switch it up and go for a jog every now and then or a boot camp class or a yoga class, but I just couldn’t find anything I was in love with. My last year in California I probably gained 10-12 pounds from taking students to get Mexican and treating myself to Chik-Fil-A milkshakes every time I felt I had something to celebrate (which was often becauseI ALWAYS celebrated getting through a 12 hour work day). My last few months there I discovered a kickboxing class that I liked but again because it was in Pasadena and given my work schedule, I couldn’t fully commit.

Then I moved to DC and discovered Title Boxing.

I LOVE TO BOX. I finally found a workout that I actually enjoy and have managed not to get bored with in the past 10 months. It’s intense. It’s a full body workout. 15 minutes of cardio. 30 minutes of boxing with 8- 3 minute rounds and 15 minutes of core work. I don’t have time to get bored because things are switched up every 2 minutes and the instructors are super intense which makes it hard to sneak out of class (and believe me I need that accountability because I will be the first person to sneak out.) I even lost most of the weight I gained from all those milkshakes. lol. But I think part of that has to do with me being a pescatarian now- which will be another blog.

When it comes to exercising, it’s important to find a workout that fits you. All workouts are not created equal. Everyone is not going to love everything. People think I’m some fitness guru but that’s just not the case. I just know it’s important to keep my body moving and so in turn I realized I can only do that in things that I like doing. So you’ll never see me just go to the gym and get on a machine cause I hate that. You wont see me in a Zumba class or anything either. But I found something I like so i’m just gonna stick with that for this season. I like to jog to every once and a while- but even that I don’t love. I just do it every now and then to switch things up. I have a friend who discovered Yoga and that is what she’s chosen. My other friend loves to dance, so she takes dance classes. Just do what works for you. Exercise for you, for your health, well being and even your sanity. It even breaks up some of the stress and anxieties of life. And last but not least, in the words of the great Elle Woods:

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