Celebrate Life

The other day I decided to celebrate a small victory in my life by going to Chick-fil-A and getting a milkshake. Chick-fil-A milkshakes are so good and so loaded with calories that those are treats that one reserves for special occasions. At the end of a long workday I pulled up to the drive-thru window to pay for my milkshake when the people in the store recognized me and they too were aware of the journey that I was getting ready to embark. They, unknowingly decided to join in my party of one by not only encouraging me but also saying that the drink was on them. A lot had happened that day but that moment just sealed the deal for me.

We were all in a spirit of celebration.

You see it is necessary for us to celebrate the small victories in our lives even if the people around us don’t. It is an added benefit if, in the midst of your celebration, the people around you begin to celebrate you too. You can’t wait for people to affirm the decisions and choices that you make in your life for yourself. If you wait, then you’ll be missing out on so many special celebratory and special moments that you could be having. Our society and culture puts emphasis on waiting for “big moments” to celebrate; like birthdays, graduations, marriage and babies. And not to take away from the importance of those moments, but those are just a few of the plethora of moments that will be cause for celebration in a person’s life. It’s our responsibility to take advantage of those moments in our own lives even if no one else around us does. It’s our responsibility to practice celebrating the choices and special moments for the people around us as well- not to just wait for those that we deem important enough for celebration.

There is no life choice too small for a celebration. If you’ve been struggling to get out of bed every day of the week and you get up on day 7, then I celebrate you! Let’s go to lunch to mark the occasion! If you were tempted to do something not good for you and you decided not to, then I celebrate you! Let’s get cake! If you walked away from something or walked into something new, if you ran an extra mile or took an alternate route in life different than the way you normally go, why wait? Let’s grab dinner and toast to every single victorious moment in your life. Why are engagements and the like the only time I see friends celebrating each other on Instagram? I want to post about every victory in your life, friend. I want you to know that you don’t have to wait for me to celebrate you and your choices. I am in your corner. I am in my own corner too!

Won’t you join me?


  1. Yes. And when we falter at making celebration an ongoing practice, it is because we believe events are the cause of our feelings instead of understanding its our thoughts that determine how we feel. We cannot predetermine events, but we can choose how we will respond to them.


  2. Hi Khristi,

    “You can’t wait for people to affirm the decisions and choices that you make in your life for yourself.”

    Celebrating the small victories is indeed a sign of healing and health, especially when one’s background may have been full of confusion, pain, anger and sadness. Such a history often creates dependency without realizing it. When Christ’s love and care becomes a reality, we feel less and less compelled to seek what before was the driving force of all our endeavors.

    Cheers, Vincent


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